Bogged Down with a Slow Running Computer? Here are the Top Reasons

Nothing can be more annoying than having to deal with a slow or unresponsive computer. The applications or web pages may take more time to load on your system that usually gets worse over time. You may notice that a single internet page is taking 5 to 10 minutes to load completely. Gradually, your computer may become unresponsive after being running slow for some time.

Maybe that sluggishness is due to your normal activities, such as surfing the internet, running programs, or your hard drive is getting filled up. Let’s find out the common reasons why your computer system might be lagging.

Bottlenecked CPU

A CPU bottleneck can take place when the processor in a computer system is not so powerful to keep up with the tasks demanded. This may happen if you connect a high-end device or hardware, like a super-fast graphics card with a low-end CPU. Then, the processor will not be able to cope up with the speed of the graphics card and will cause sluggishness. If you are using CPU-dependent software, then this can also be the cause of the bottlenecked CPU. The best remedy to this situation is to replace a low-end processor with the latest version CPU.

Limited Storage Space in Your Hard Drive or Memory

Your hard drive or memory will start underperforming well before they are completely full. Internet downloads, application updates, programs, temporary files, large industry-based files take up your hard drive or memory space. Simply by emptying your computer’s trash you can improve this situation. Additionally, consider storing your large files to the cloud and deleting the unused files.

Computer Infected with a Virus

Although the presence of some computer viruses can be known through pop-ups, encryption of files, or a demand for ransom, there are few viruses that run in the background without being known. These undetected viruses can collect important information and cannot be detected by most of the consumer-grade anti-virus solutions. If you suspect such an issue, contact a professional computer service company immediately and get your systems cleaned out of all viruses. Whatever may be the reason for your computer lagging, you should always have a trusted computer service provider by your side to help you in finding the right solution to your problem.