Password Recovery

In today’s world of technology there are many passwords to remember, your bank password, your email password, your work login password, your computer password, etc. With all of these passwords to maintain, they can easily be forgotten or confused.

The purpose of a password is to protect sensitive information and data. Among the many things that have password protection your wireless network is one of the most important. When you are networking multiple computers anyone with access to your network has access to the data on every computer connected to the network. So when you create your passwords choose something that is truly secure. Many people us phrases, word and numbers that relate to their everyday life such as birthdays, addresses, phone numbers and maiden names. These are not good passwords. People that know you may already have access to this information. Choose something that is truly unique and you won’t have any problems.

Things to remember when you create a password

  • Don’t use words or phrases that have personal significance
  • Use numbers letters and symbols
  • Mix upper and lower case letters
  • Try to memorize your password instead of writing it down
  • The longer passwords provide more security
  •  Use different passwords for everything

One of the most important passwords is your computer password. If you are locked out of your computer you’r locked out of everything else. Computer Doctor can quickly and easily unlock you’re Windows password to ensure that you regain access to your computer. Some viruses are designed to change your passwords. If you catch a virus that changes you password our Virus and Spyware removal service can take care of the virus then we would be able to perform a password recovery.