Data Recovery

We are in the age of technology when almost everything is stored digitally. Our pictures are now digital memories of weddings, births, parties, vacations and more.

Paper is no longer the primary means for saving and storing important documents. We now use computers to store legal documents, personal memoirs and banking information among other things. Unfortunately anything digital can be deleted. Our data recovery service will retrieve your deleted files.

It does not matter if the file was delete intentionally or by mistake we can recover it. If the file was deleted by a virus you may need our virus and spyware removal service to get rid of the virus before the file can be retrieved. In some rare cases there is no way to retrieve a deleted file. Data recovery is based on the condition of the storage media among other factors.

We will recover our deleted files

  • Email
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Documents

Computer Doctor recommends that you backup all of your data on a regular basis to prevent permenant loss of files. We can provide a program that will automatically backup your data at scheduled. Check out our software installations page to get it installed.