Computer Upgrades

Dont buy a computer, upgrade!!

Many people think that if you run out of space or your computer starts to run slow that it’s time for a new computer. In most cases all that is necessary is an upgrade. Computer upgrades can allow your machine to run more efficiently. Some situations require hardware upgrades and others require software upgrades.

If you are running out of hard drive space you can simply upgrade to a larger hard drive or add an additional hard drive to your machine. If your computer is running slow generally adding memory will speed it up. There are other computer upgrades that will make your computer faster like a faster processor (CPU) or a faster motherboard. The graphics requirements for gaming and viewing certain videos has increased greatly over the past couple of years. Your current video card may not be able to handle some of these new requirements. That does not mean that you have to junk your current computer and buy another one. A video card upgrade will take care of the problem. Upgrading networking hardware like your ethernet card or wireless adapter can help to increase your speed on the internet. Check out or hardware installations page to get computer upgrades.

  • Computer upgrades saves you money
  • Upgraded computer works like new computer
  • Upgrades are done quickly
  • We come to you to perform the upgrade

Software upgrades also help to bring your current computer up to today’s standard. Upgrading to a more current operating system is probably where you want to start. Older operating systems can’t handle some of the features that current programs offer which make them incompatible. Upgrading your virus protection is also very import. If don’t have the latest virus protection you are not protected from the most recent viruses. Having to pay for virus and spyware removal can be avoided by upgrading your virus protection.

Drivers and programs can be upgraded to increase performance, compatibility and efficiency. Computer Doctor is dedicated to keeping you up to date a minimum cost. So check out our Software Installations page to get the latest updates.